WIDI Master


The WIDI Master gives you the freedom to make music wherever and whenever you want. By cutting the cord and cutting down on the clutter you free your music making process and can now make music on your terms, no longer tethered to your “rig.” Wireless control is easy to set up and just as responsive and reliable as an actual MIDI cable. Cut the cord and enjoy the freedom of the wireless revolution with the WIDI Master Professional Wireless MIDI.

WIDI Master Overview:

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Connect Any MIDI Device!

Simply replace your MIDI cables with WIDI Master. Rearrange your studio and enjoy the freedom of Wireless MIDI. WIDI Master is compatible with all MIDI device brands and controllers. Pair your Bluetooth MIDI controller with any standalone MIDI hardware device using the WIDI Master.

Bluetooth 5.0 : Go Faster

Trusted technology for live and on stage performances. Secure connection with twice the speed and four times the range. Never worry about latency issues, because the WIDI Master features Bluetooth 5.0 technology that is trusted by the top studio professionals and touring musicians.

Unique Design

Only connect what you need! One connector goes into your MIDI Output jack and is completely powered by the MIDI Output. If you want to receive MIDI signal, the detachable MIDI Input cable connects to the MIDI In jack for MIDI signal reception.

Automatic Pairing

Setup instantly. Operate easily. WIDI Master contains automatic master/slave switch and default pairing memory.

Ultra Low Latency

Go pro with groundbreaking latency reduction as low as 3ms. The Bluetooth 5.0 offers trusted technology for on stage or in studio.

No External Power

WIDI Master is a fully standalone wireless solution. It is powered by the MIDI device it is connected to, so no external power needed.

How To Connect WIDI Master:

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  • Point to Point Bluetooth MIDI Connection
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Ultra Low Latency
  • Connect All MIDI Device Brands & Controllers
  • Automatic Pairing
Wireless technology: Bluetooth (ver. 5), MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy-Compliant.

Connectors: 1x MIDI IN (5pin-DIN); 1x MIDI OUT (5pin-DIN)

Switch, indicator: 1x switch; 1x Multicolor LED.

Compatible devices: WIDI Master, WIDI BUD, Bluetooth MIDI controllers, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Mac with Bluetooth 4.0 installed.

Compatible OS: iOS 8 or later, OSX Yosemite or later (For Windows and Android we recommend using our WIDI Bud dongle receiver)

Firmware update: On the air by using WIDI PLUS software (iOS/ MacOSX)