Common Questions

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1: To play the prerecorded SMF (Standard MIDI File) format songs that are on the USB flash drive. 1.Insert the USB flash drive into USB TO DEVICE slot. The blue indicator light on the MEMORY button will be lit and the screen will show the first song available for playback.

2. Use the buttons to select a song.

3. Press the PLAY/STOP button, the blue indicator will flash and the music sequencer will automatically load the first MIDI File Song that is on the USB and it will begin to play. The music sequencer will continue to load and play all songs in sequence. The keyboard is available for playing while the recording is playing back. If the metronome is engaged it will tick to the tempo of the recording. You can adjust the tempo by using the TEMPO+/- button.

4. Press the PLAY/STOP button at any time to stop the play or to select another song.

5.Press the MEMORY button to disengage the USB drive, press the MEMORY button again to return. Please note, the USB Play Mode, USB Play Speed and USB Mute Track can all be manipulated from the Function menu. Please see the Function section of this manual for more information. Please see the Record section of this manual for information regarding recording to USB

1 year limited warranty.

1.Make sure that the piano is powered off, if not please press the POWER button to do so. Insert the Bluetooth receiver into the Bluetooth slot located on the connector panel on the left side of the piano underneath the key-bed.

2.Press the POWER button to turn the piano on. The blue indicator light on the Bluetooth receiver will flash.

3.Press the FUNCTION button and use the buttons to select The Bluetooth Menu.

4.From the sub-menu, turn the Bluetooth feature on by pressing the +/YES button and off by pressing the -/NO button. The blue indicator will begin to flash quickly, it will continue to flash, once every .7 second, while connecting to another Bluetooth device. (Default: on)

5.You will find the Artesia BT-1 as an option on your Bluetooth device’s settings, select the BT-1 from your device to connect. When the BT-1 receiver has successfully connected the blue indicator light on the receiver will remain on. Use your Bluetooth device to access the information that you want to hear through the piano. The keyboard is available for playing while the recording is playing back. Play along with your favorite band!

6.Use the Function Bluetooth menu again to turn Bluetooth off.

No, Artesia Products Are Class Compliant & Do Not Require Drivers to Connect to Any Devices.