Pad Controller


Meet the ultimate mobile pad controller. Small, mobile controller that puts you in total control no matter where you need to create. You don’t have to sacrifice features & ease of use for mobility & elegant design. With the Xjam, you are in control.

Feature Packed

Xjam is packed with cool features to enable mobile musicians to custom control their instruments.


Made for travelers and mobile users. Fit in any bag or case!

Live Performance

The velocity and pressure-sensitive pads are great for playing virtual instruments live on stage. Plus, the pads offer “after touch” that adds new levels of expression and control.

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Great For Live Shows

The velocity & pressure-sensitive pads are great for playing virtual instruments live onstage. Plus, the pads offer after touch that adds a whole different level of expression & control for that extra element to live or studio performance.


It has the same appearance & ultra-mobile, slim design as its older sibling the Xkey. Great for the road & any mobile applications or where space constraints are an issue. The Xjam is feature packed to enable you to custom control your instruments.

Feature Packed

Along with the 16 RGB pads & 6 pad banks, you get 6 programmable rotary encoders & 6 buttons.

Music Creation Station

Add the Xkey and you will have a full mobile music creation station. Play melodies with the award winning Xkey ultra mobile keyboard controller. Play drums & control effects with the Xjam. Everything's right there for building any style of track, anywhere you feel the inspiration.

  • 16 pressure-sensitive pads with bi-color LEDs & velocity touch.
  • 1 pad bank buttons with bi-color LED to switch 3 independent banks of the pad.
  • Note repeat: On/Off 6 encoders to send continuous controller messages.
  • 1 bank button with bi-color LEDs to switch 3 independent banks of the pot.
  • Edit button (single LED for each pad or encoder to change the note number or cc value.
  • Type button with bi-color LEDs to set encoder cc/pitch/after touch or pad note/program/MMC.
  • USB to host.
  • TRS MIDI out.
  • Foot switch.
  • Global or pad config.
  • Save/recall 1-48 settings.
  • Clock source: internal/external.
  • Gate time.
  • Swing.
  • Assigned tempo: 20-280.
  • After touch: On/Off.
  • Note on/off: toggle / momentary.
  • Velocity curve: fixed / curved.
  • Note octave : -3 to +4
  • Note transpose: -12 to +12
  • Global midi channel: 1-16
  • Pad midi channel: 1-16

  • Xjam
  • Micro USB cable.
  • Quick Start Guide.